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Message from Mr. Subhash Ghai

Former-Chairman (MESC) Indian Film Director, Producer & Screenwriter

विद्या से ही बनता इक  | उत्तम कौशल देश महान  ||
सब दानो से ऊँचा दान  | विद्या दान विद्या दान   ||
दे दो दे दो विद्यादान   | दे दे दे दो समय का दान   |
विद्या दान विद्या दान  ||


Who We Are?

Vidyadaan is an initiative by MESC Chairman Mr. Subhash Ghai. Mr. Ghai is known as a showman of Indian cinema. MESC was founded in 2012, (MESC) is a Not-for-Profit Organization, registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

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Come and join the league to be a leader. Learn from the experts in their fields and acquire their knowledge. All you have to do is register.

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You are a privileged one as you own the great asset of knowledge which is irreplaceable. Be a vidyadaani and share your experience.

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In ancient times the Gurukuls were no less than pilgrimage. Vidyalyas are no less than a trip to heaven for the ones who understand the value of Vidya.

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What is Vidyadaan?

Inspired by the virtuous spirit of our Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi Ji who always believes in “RIGHT KIND OF EDUCATION ALONG WITH A RIGHT TO EDUCATE”. Vidyadaan is an initiative by the honorable Chairman of Media & Entertainment Skills Council Mr. Subhash Ghai and eminent Film Maker and renowned educationist. Media and Entertainment SSC has developed a concept of ‘Vidyadaan’ - a platform through which experts can impart their knowledge to students and learners. The platform emphasizes on providing the learners an opportunity to learn from the experts of their respective fields.

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Why Vidyadaan?

Vidyadaan is a social movement to recreate the Guru Shishya Culture in the Indian society. Where we all have a responsibility to uplift and nurture the society with whatever we have to contribute. The idea is not just the academic education but sharing the life changing experiences, consultation, stress relieving sessions, sessions on mental or physical health, sessions on grooming and personality development for anyone in need at no cost. It’s time to give back to the community and groom the younger generation to be a better human beings.

Benefits of Vidyadaan

  • Chance to participate/conduct sessions with celebrities/Experts
  • Help create experts for the future
  • Advertisements with Vidyadaan
  • Media courtesy for expert sessions
  • Appreciation certificate signed by Mr. Ghai
  • Placement opportunities

Let’s work together to uplift the society and support the next generation blossom like a flower in the universe.







विद्या से ही बनता इक  |
उत्तम कौशल देश महान  ||
सब दानो से ऊँचा दान  |
विद्यादान विद्यादान   ||
दे दो दे दो विद्यादान   |
दे दे दे दो समय का दान   |
विद्यादान विद्यादान  ||

वैसे तो हर फूल  |
ख़ुद ही में खिलता हैं  ||
पर आ जाता हैं नूर उस पे   |
जब माली उसको मिलता है ||
जो भी हमने सिखा हैं  |
बच्चों को सिखलाएँगे  ||

अनपढ़ हो या शिक्षित   |
सभी को साथ बिठाएँगे   |
अपना अनुभव और कला  ||
हम भेंट उन्हें दे जाएँगे   |
हर कारीगर हो कलाकार  |
ऐसा कौशल देश बनाएँगे   |

जब देंगे हम समय का दान  |
भारत बनेगा कौशल महान  ||
दे दो दे दो विद्यादान   |
सबसे ऊँचा विद्यादान   |
विद्यादान विद्यादान  ||

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Be a part of Vidyadaan?

Be a part of Vidyadaan?

Let’s change the vision of society and bring in the culture of Guru Shishya again! A small step of yours will bring a drastic change in the society and enhance the Indian culture. Come be a part of Vidyadaan and contribute to the society.

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MESC Governing Council Members

Gurus from Media & Entertainment Industry

Padma Shri Mr. Ramesh Sippy
Padma Shri Mr. Ramesh Sippy
Chairman, MESC, Renowned Indian Filmmaker, Director, Producer & Educationist
Mr. Ashish Kulkarni
Founder, Punnaryug Artvision Pvt Ltd.
Mr. Supreeth Nagaraju
Head Education Digital Media - India and South Asia at Adobe
Ms. Neerja Sekhar
Additional Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, GOI
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